With a good conscience
Every garden building starts with an idea, with your idea of the perfect product. Just as important as these thoughts are the small details of the finished product later on. Therefore it is important to provide the right quality. We select the best Nordic wood, we use modern processing techniques combined with traditional handicraft and secure packaging. All of these features are what makes our products special.

Best quality

We have established a quality management system in compliance with the ISO-9001 norm, so that we can offer top quality to our customers. In addition, our products come with either a 2-year or 5-year warranty.

Certified wood

We use only selected Nordic wood for all our garden buildings. Nordic wood, with its flexible properties is perfect for the use as building and construction. It grows slowly in colder regions of Europe and thus it is especially stable and robust reliability, longevity, structural strength and aesthetic look it lends to our cabins. Wood is sustainable and renewable raw material. We support ecological and responsible timber manufacturing. For this reason our raw material management also supplies FSC® C004251 -certified wood on request.


To be able to supply unique products to you, we rely on our long-time employees with plenty of experience and on our modern machinery. Trained eyes inspect and sort the materials and building components. Our machines saw, plane and mill the individual parts with millimetre accuracy into the correct size and desired shape. Before the final consignment everything is inspected again and then carefully and securely packed.
Assembly kit

Your garden building is delivered as a complete assembly kit in either one or several packages – depending on the size. Inside the assembly kit your garden house is systematically stacked onto a one-way pallet, its completeness is inspected and then all high-quality details are securely packed. Of course, each package contains detailed assembly instructions. We suggest you only unwrap the package from it’s foil when you want to commence building, as the foil is designed to protect the timber against the weather. If you do not start with the assembly right after your garden house has been delivered, please store it in a dry and UV-protected location.


You can choose to have your products delivered to your nearest dealer or directly to your home – delivered “kerbside”. Your specialist dealer will be glad to calculate your specific and detailed offer. A day and time will be arranged with you before the delivery. Please note that the vehicles used are very large. Access for this type of vehicles must be possible without restrictions, and this will be discussed with you prior to delivery.

Quality policy

The purpose of the quality policy is to guarantee customers the confidence and certainty that Lasita Maja Group is able to offer high-quality products and services under the agreed terms and conditions.

In order to ensure quality, the company has implemented a quality management system with the following main principles:
- Focusing on the customers and increasing customer satisfaction by taking into consideration the requirements and claims they have submitted and filed in accordance with legislation and other relevant documents; these are complied with via internal processes.
- Commitment and leadership of managers which inspires the ernployees of the Group to achieve the goals of the organisation, thereby ensuring the integration of the requirements of the Lasita Maja quality management system with business processes.
- Involving the employees of the Group in order to improve the efficiency of the development and competitiveness of Lasita Maja by means of a positive working environment, group       cohesion, and loyalty.
- Constant improvement of and preventative action for processes via riskbased thinking     ensure the intended results.
- Ensuring that the Group has a functioning interest group of motivated and capable           employees who are interested in self-development and have the required qualification and competence, and are active and committed, in order to assist in the capacity of the             organisation in reaching the desired goals.
- Minimising the damage caused to the sumounding environment due to the business activities of Lasita Maja and managing risks in order to ensure safety and environmental protection by using natural and renewable materials.
Via these activities, we will achieve the purpose of being the best possible option for our customers and thereby ensuring the satisfaction of all interested parties.