Tahiti 70

From Classic product line.
Our model Tahiti offers a spacious ground floor with many windows. In addition to that it also boasts a first floor loft area, which can be used as sleeping space or even as extra storage. Perfect to use as a summer house or a guest house as it provides plenty of room.
Wind-tight chalet connection
Wall thickness
70 mm
Wall dimensions
390x540 cm
Floor size
22.9 m2
Terrace size
2.6103 m2
Ridge height
360.4 cm
Wall height
258.4 cm
Front overhang
26 cm
Roof area
29.6 m2
Roof angle
1 x 827 x 1933 mm
3 x 916 x 916 mm
2 x 1374 x 916 mm
580x114x66 cm
1520 kg
580x114x59 cm
1400 kg
200x114x60 cm
280 kg
  • Roofing felt
  • Shingles