Exeter 2

From Classic product line.
The Exeters are nice spacious and compact garden houses with an option of wooden blinds. While similar in design, the Exeter 2 gives you one large room, but Exeter 1 gives you even more space, giving you two extra rooms in the back with an extra total of about 5 square meters.
Wind-tight chalet connection
Wall thickness
70 mm
Wall dimensions
390x397 cm
Floor size
14.4 m2
Terrace size
4.68 m2
Ridge height
241.94 cm
Wall height
224.4 cm
Front overhang
120 cm
Roof area
24.62 m2
Roof angle
1 x 2600 x 2000 mm
2 x 552 x 1729 mm
1 x 552 x 1729 mm
600x115x89 cm
2100 kg
281x115x56 cm
665 kg
  • Roofing felt