Blue Nile

From Classic product line.
Blue Nile is a cabin that provides tons of terrace space with a canopy so you can sit outside in the shade. The interior has three separate rooms which can be used as living room expansion, a home office or as a guest house.
Use for
Wind-tight chalet connection
Wall thickness
70 mm
Wall dimensions
500x600 cm
Floor size
28 m2
Terrace size
21 m2
Ridge height
333.2 cm
Wall height
244.8 cm
Front overhang
320 cm
Roof area
73.32 m2
Roof angle
1 x 1580 x 1933 mm
1 x 827 x 1933 mm
1 x 552 x 1729 mm
1 x 552 x 1729 mm
1 x 1374 x 916 mm
720x114x79 cm
2250 kg
620x114x75 cm
2020 kg
395x114x67 cm
1050 kg
200x114x51 cm
280 kg
  • Roofing felt
  • Shingles