This sub-page gives you access to several videos that help with installation and give you a better overview of the minor work and activities at the garden house.

1. How to change the window or door glass in our houses:

This video helps you replace the window or door glass of our garden houses quickly and properly yourself.

2. How to adjust the hinges of the doors:

This video helps you adjust the hinges of the door if the door does not close properly.

3. How to make the garden house water and wind resistant:

In this video, we will show you how it is possible to protect your garden house from extreme weather conditions, e.g. in seaside areas. Heavy rain and wind can penetrate the garden house even through the joints of the wall as well as through doors and windows. This video introduces the products and methods that can help you solve this problem.

4. In this teaching video we demonstrate how to installate fittings for the windows:

5. This video will help you install a fixed window to our Domeo series cabins.